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I've always thought that Kylara, particularly as she was written in DF, was really interesting and had a lot of potential.

One of my least favorite things about McCaffrey's writing is her tendency towards virgin/whore dichotomies, and Kylara falls afoul of that, hard.

She's introduced in DF as a foil to Lessa, and she's a really good foil for Lessa. I feel like they're kind of dark mirrors of each other. Both of them are very strong-willed women, both of them are survivors, both of them are skilled manipulators, both of them are prideful and ambitious, and honestly both of them are pretty self-centered early in DF. Their biggest differences are that Kylara is hypersexual, having found her looks and her sexuality are her best tool for manipulating men, while Lessa's experiences have caused her to go frigid, that Lessa seems to have something of an innate moral compass that is never shown in Kylara, and that Lessa's experiences prior to Search were pretty uniformly traumatic, whereas Kylara's past was one of being simultaneously spoiled and dehumanized. Their duality has something of a "there but for the grace" quality; there is a certain sense that Kylara is who Lessa could have become - which suggests that Lessa is also who Kylara could have become.

In DF, Kylara is a woman with sufficient good qualities that she is handpicked to be Benden's second goldrider, and her worst sin is being a spoiled brat. There are some hints that that's turning in a sinister direction towards the end of the story, but she's still very much a redeemable character.

And then DQ recasts her as a foil for Brekke. But while Lessa, especially in DF, has quite a bit of darkness to her, Brekke is practically a Purity Sue, and here's where the virgin/whore dichotomy kicks in with a vengeance. In order to contrast with blindingly white Brekke, Kylara is painted as one-dimensionally dark. She is presented as a depraved harlot, irresponsible, spiteful, contemptuous, and without redeeming quality.

(Even then, I cannot see her as wholly unsympathetic. There is enough shown of how she came to be that way that I feel she is more tragic than anything else. She believes that she was shunted off to Southern to keep her out of the way - and she's not wrong - and that festers. She is a spoiled brat given free reign, with access to nearly unchecked power but no real responsibility or purpose, which feeds her self-centered nature. She is a skilled manipulator with no one who can really challenge or stand up to her, which feeds her overconfidence and contempt towards others. She is an ambitious woman with nowhere to go. I cannot condone her beliefs or actions, but I can to a large extent understand them.)

She is also a sexual submissive, and at least a bit of a masochist. (My feeling is that most of the masochism she indulges in comes out of her need for psychological domination being unfulfilled. But then I'm not a masochist; it could certainly be interpreted differently.) In the book that's treated as part of her depravity, but as someone who doesn't think being kinky is sick or wrong, I think it could be reinterpreted as a very interesting dimension to her character.

I think one of the keys to understanding Kylara's character is remembering the position of women on Pern in DF-era, and how that has played out in her life.

Because, at that time, being a woman on Pern was pretty damn sucky. We see this more than anywhere else in Lady Gemma, who had the crapsackiest life of all, but we also see it in the expectations for a Weyrwoman that Lessa has to deal with, and we see it in Kylara's life. Pernese society at the time was a setting where women were generally illiterate, their worth reckoned primarily as marriage pawns and breeders, and really not expected to have much control over their own lives. Kylara, as a high-ranking noblewoman, grows up privileged, pampered, and well-aware of the fact that her fate is going to be being married off to whoever her brother the Lord feels it most advantageous to secure an alliance with. One of her most formative experiences is her mother being cast aside in favor of a younger and shinier model. She knows that's not what she wants her life to be. And she takes two important lessons from it - that what power a woman has is in her influence on the men in her life, and that a woman is only worth anything so long as she is desirable to men.

And Kylara learns, no doubt quite early on, that she is very desirable to men. And Kylara isn't stupid. I don't think she's incredibly intelligent (certainly Lessa is smarter), but she is quick-witted and has a high social IQ. She wants as much control as possible over her life, and she learns that she can use her attractiveness to get it. Kylara's beauty and sexuality become her sword and shield (much as Lessa's projected ugliness and forgettability are hers at Ruatha), and she gets to be very good at using them. I expect a lot of her vanity initially stemmed from this fact.

She starts out focused on survival (which admittedly in her definition means having the position and comforts she is accustomed to having, but that doesn't mean the trauma that fuels it isn't real). But as she realizes how effectively she can manipulate men, I suspect her arrogance and ambition grow considerably.

And then she is brought to Benden on Search, which in the end is not much more than trading one group of men who want to use her for their own purposes for another. But she doesn't Impress. As a failed Candidate, she is left to make her own place in the Weyr, with no one having an agenda for her or particularly caring what she does. She has more autonomy than she's ever had before, but she's also a nobody, and that doesn't sit well with her. Kylara doesn't just want freedom, she wants power. So she sets about to gain in the Weyr the kinds of comforts and status she had at home, the best way she knows how - by alluring men. And if she hadn't before (because it's never particularly made clear what the expectations of Pernese noblewomen are in regards to premarital sex), she learns then a few other important things about herself, namely that she enjoys sex and has a high sex drive. And so sex becomes one more weapon in her arsenal.

She has developed a worldview in which other women cannot be other than rivals, while men ... well, she has a very complex relationship with men. She hates them for the authority they have over her, for the fact that she has to play these games and work through them in order to have control of her own affairs. She has contempt for them for how easily she can manipulate them. Those who do not succumb to her charms anger her, and yet they are the ones she wants most. The submissive in her craves domination, but she is loathe to yield to anyone she perceives are weaker, which is pretty much everyone. It's a very bitter and unfulfilling way to live.

She's gotten very good at looking out for number one, but she's never had a real purpose. She has ambition in spades, but all she's ever had to turn it to is amassing power for power's sake. She's inspired lust and infatuation in countless men, but never respect.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think she could have matured past being self-centered if she'd had the chance to work towards something real, to do something that mattered. I think just maybe, if she'd had a chance to win respect (and respect someone else in turn), she would have been compelled to work towards it. And she could have become a much better person than she did.

And I can't help noticing that Kylara in DQ is peculiarly fixated on F'lar. She believes that he is the one man around who has the will to stand up to her. I think she's not wrong in that perception. I also think she doesn't have a clue what she's wishing for. Because she would have met her match in him, and she wasn't in the slightest prepared for what that would mean.

Of course, the way things stand in canon, he's never going to be interested in anyone but Lessa, which is of course only right. And so his way of dealing with her is to refuse to engage.

But if events in DF had played out differently, if F'lar had had reason and desire to engage with Kylara - as he would have, if she were Weyrwoman.... Well, frankly, I think he would have dommed the fuck out of her. And she would have loved it.

More than that, I think he could have been a match for her, and she for him. With her arrogance and self-absorption, she needed someone to take her down a peg or two if she was ever going to grow. With her manipulative nature, she needed to run up against someone she couldn't manipulate so easily, someone who wasn't going to dance to her tune. She needed someone who wouldn't back down from the challenge she set, who wouldn't hesitate to call her on her shit. And she wasn't going to learn respect unless forced to it. I think F'lar could have done that.

And for that matter, for all that he always had noble purposes, F'lar too was damn arrogant and manipulative and in need of someone to take him down a peg or two, someone who wouldn't dance to his tune, someone who wouldn't hesitate to call him on his shit. In canon, Lessa did that. But I think Kylara was capable of it too.

And in a world where women were routinely dismissed, F'lar is honestly one of the most feminist men around. He's the man who recognized that Benden needed a strong Weyrwoman (even if he nevertheless initially made the mistake of assuming he'd be able to manipulate her at will). He doesn't prejudge, doesn't dismiss people out of hand based on things like gender, but rather takes each individual on their own merits. It takes a lot to win his respect, but he gives it fairly to those that earn it. And in a world where they were bound together, I think she could realize that, and respect him, and want to win his respect. And if she did grow and mature past her self-absorption, I believe he would respect her, and that she would find a much more fulfilling life.

The biggest question mark is of course whether she would grow up and come to care for people and things beyond herself. It certainly wouldn't be easy, and it would be a long road. We never see any evidence that Kylara has the internal moral compass that Lessa does, which is one disadvantage. (But then, we see into Kylara's head a lot less than we do Lessa's; I don't think we can say for sure that she absolutely doesn't or never did.) On the other hand, Kylara's worst sins in DF are vanity and self-interest. In contrast, Lessa spent her much of her formative years emotionally frozen and living for nothing but revenge; she was half-feral when she came to the Weyr. I would argue that Lessa at that point was far more psychologically fucked up than Kylara ever was and thus managed to grow more than Kylara would have had to. If it meant the opportunity to have meaningful authority and make a real difference, I think Kylara at that point in her life just might have had the motivation to reach greater maturity. I doubt she would ever have been the kind of self-sacrificing that Lessa was, but I think she could have become a Weyrwoman worthy of respect. And I think she would have found a much more fulfilling life if she had.
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So, you're writing me a Yuletide fic. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and, may I add, SQUEEEE! I love my obscure fandoms, and just the fact that you're writing in them for me is enough to make me very happy; optional details are very much optional.

General info:

Things I don't like: No anal sex. No humiliation humor (humiliation kink is fine). I prefer bittersweet to outright unhappy endings. I've previously requested no infidelity or darkfic, but I recognize that with some of my prompts this year those things might fit the stories and if that's the case that's fine (though I would generally prefer bittersweet to outright unhappy endings).

Things I like: Flirtation. Teasing. Banter. Snark, affectionate or not. Anything involving dance. Slice of life/domesticity/quiet moments. Strong characters having moments of weakness, and being able put down their armor and lean on those closest to them. Family interactions. Good friends being there for each other. Character-driven stories. Strong females. Focus on female characters. Realistic relationships, where people have flaws and not everything's perfect but they work things out anyway. Pairings of where both characters are dominant types and how they make it work. Romances that stress trust, support, equality, and deep friendship.

AUs are fine, crackfic is fine. Crossovers are fine, though if you want to do that I ask that they be with another fandom I'm at least familiar with (feel free to poke around my journal to see). I have a certain weakness for fluff, so long as it is not too much at the expense of plot. If you prefer angst, I'd appreciate it if you don't go overboard, but I do like stories where they have to earn their happy ending.

I’m a huge fan of het; I’m also a huge fan of gen. F/f is cool, but I’m not as keen on m/m. Obviously this isn't relevant for some of my requests, but if you’re writing for a canon where there are canon pairings, I’d much prefer you didn't break up any canon pairings. I'm fine with the inclusion of non-canon relationships in addition, but please no infidelity - open or poly relationships are great, as is setting something before the canon relationship started.

If you write me hot pr0n, I will love you. If you write more subtly hot suggestiveness and flirtation, I will love you even more. If you write me drama and adventure, I will love you. If you write me low-rated sweet romance, I will love you. If you write me low-rated sweet gen, I will love you. It's all good.

Pretty much nothing makes me happier than awesome women being awesome.

Fandom-specific details:

(I wrote more for some of these than others, but that's just because I had an easier time coming up with ideas for some; I would be equally happy with a fic from any of these fandoms. And I'm just tossing out ideas here; feel free to disregard them all if you like.)

Black Jewels - Anne Bishop

Asexual!Karla. I know a lot of people think of Karla as lesbian, and that's cool, but (unless I seriously missed something somewhere) all that's actually stated in canon is that she isn't interested in men, and I always read her as ace. Whether you want to show her working to figure out and accept that identity as an adolescent, or friendship fic with Jaenelle and/or the rest of the family and/or the coven and the boyos, or just Karla kicking ass and being the BAMF that she is, I'd love to see pretty much anything running with this characterization.

I don't think I really have anything to add for this one.

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

I've always thought that Kylara, particularly that as she was written in DF, was really interesting and had a lot of potential. I would love to see some fic that explores Kylara's character and her strengths as well as her weaknesses.

I would love to see the AU where Kylara becomes Benden's Senior Weyrwoman - maybe Jaxom doesn't survive so Lessa refuses to leave Ruatha and Kylara is the one to Impress Ramoth, or maybe Lessa doesn't make it back from the Oldtime, or maybe you think of some other way this might come about. Does Kylara eventually rise above her self-interest and build a real partnership with F'lar? Does she fail to do so and they despise each other by the end? (Either way, I suspect the getting there would be quite a tumultuous ride, a battle of wills as epic as ever Lessa and F'lar were, and probably would have involved a whole lot of kinky hatesex.)

If that idea doesn't appeal to you, write me something about her childhood and how she came to have the worldview she did by the time she arrived at Benden. Or what her Search was like. Or something where she's still a villain, but a less one-dimensional and more competent one than she is in Dragonquest.

If none of that is working for you, you can also feel free to forget about Kylara, because honestly pretty much anything from Pern would make me extremely happy. I was also excited to see Sorka, Zulaya, and Moreta on this year's character list, and would love a fic about any of them. Or write me something about the people of Pern that don't show up in the books - canon characters or OCs, 9th pass or elsewhere in time, it's all good. I'd prefer dragons playing a large role - Pern has great worldbuilding all around, and the holders and crafters are cool and all, but it's the dragonriders and Weyr culture in general that capture my imagination the most, but even those are totally optional.

I have some meta here that may help you understand my reading of Kylara and where this prompt came from.

Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey

I am endlessly fascinated by the Night Court, and anything involving any of the houses, with or without canon characters involved, would make me incredibly happy. Smut in this fandom would be very gladly welcomed, though certainly not required.

The motto of Valerian House is "I yield"; their focus is on receiving physical pain and any spark of disobedience is conditioned out of their adepts. Similarly, Mandrake House seems to be focused on the giving of physical pain. While masochism and sadism are perhaps the best known flavors of BDSM, and they certainly make up a large and important part of it, there is so much more to the kink world, and I'd love to see how some of those other components would fit into the Night Court. What place would there be for a submissive who is not a masochist - someone who thrills in being psychologically dominated, but has no great love for pain? What about a bratty submissive, who finds their greatest pleasure in being disobedient until broken - surely there are patrons more interested in that than the meek yielding of Valerian House. What House would a patron go to if their kinks ran to bonds and blindfolds but no more extreme, or if they wished to play out a rape or gangbang fantasy? Does Eglantine House have adepts whose preferred art form is rope?

The Second of Valerian House claims that they would have recognized Phèdre as an anguisette. So what happens in the AU where the Dowayne of Cereus doesn't think of Delaunay and instead goes with her first impulse of messaging the Dowayne of Valerian when Phèdre's fascination with pain is noticed?

The Lions of Al-Rassan - Guy Gavriel Kay

Basically anything about Ammar and Jehane would fill me with squee, they are pretty much everything I love in a pairing.
If that's not so much your thing, there are plenty of other stories I'd love to see. Show me something of the Belmontes' courtship or the early days of their marriage. Show me more of the trio having adventures or even just hanging around in Ragosa bantering and having UST. Show me what Jehane and Miranda meeting would have looked like if if had happened in a non-tragic situation. Write me something about Jehane or Miranda being the badass independent women that they are. Fill in some of the time between the end of the main story and the epilogue.

I didn't specify characters because I'm very fond of all the characters nominated and would be very happy to receive a story focusing on any one or combination of them; but please note that I do want a story in this fandom to focus on Jehane, Ammar, Rodrigo, and/or Miranda.

I love how rich and complex the character dynamics in this book are. I love the canon couples, I love the friendships, I love the UST, and I'd love to receive a fic focusing on any of those dynamics. I'm also totally open to OT3 or OT4 fic (but please no infidelity).

Resources if you still want to know more after the length of this letter:

If you want to stalk me, I have various ramblings on fandom in this livejournal, mixed in with ramblings about my life. Fandom-specific musings can be found under the "Pern" and "Al-Rassan" tags.
My writing can be found on AO3, where I'm still calenlily.
A full list of my narrative kinks is here.
I have an in-depth post on why I love Dragonflight (that being my favorite of the Pern books).
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Overall, 2015 was a pretty good year for me.

Possibly tldr details.Collapse )

New Year's Resolutions 2015:
Graduate Yes!
Get GPA up to 3.0 by graduation Didn't quite make it (there was one class my last quarter that screwed me over) but I got it up to 2.8- or 2.9-something, so I think I did pretty well
Write more Alas, no.
Sew new garb I sewed new garb for Will, does that count? I also ended up acquiring a fair amount of garb over the course of the year, and crafted various accessories, but I can't say I've made any progress to speak of on any of my own sewing projects.
Pull together coherent SCA persona Made some progress - I now have two named personas and have a fairly specific location and time period for each, and I have my heraldry figured out, but I can't really cross this off yet because I want to have at least a basic life story for each of my personas.
Do more outdoorsy stuff Alas, no.
Contribute to social justice efforts Check.
Stay on top of my mental health Yes, I'm now going on several years since my last major depressive episode, and haven't even really had any slumps worth speaking of in the past year, plus managed to get to a point where I could get off my meds and still be doing fine. (Which is good, since I lost my good insurance when I graduated and can no longer afford them.)

New Year's Resolutions 2016:
Get a better job
Cook regularly
Write at least once a week
Write polished story each month
Draw something
Sew new garb
Pull together coherent SCA persona
Stay on top of my mental health

Happy New Year, everyone! May your joys be many, and your troubles few.
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So I had a teeth falling out dream the other night. :/ And there were two kinda funny things about it.

One was that I specifically thought, "This is probably a dream. I know it's a common dream occurrence, and pretty unlikely to happen in real life. So I shouldn't panic, I'm probably just dreaming."

The other was that my primary emotional reaction to the situation was not "Oh god my teeth!" but "oh god the dental bill for this is going to be outrageous! I really hope this is a dream, because I can't afford the dental bill to deal with this."

I feel like that says something about the extent to which I've become an adult. Or something.

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Because I’m grateful that I’ve only been catcalled a few times, and never followed or groped or anything worse. Because it makes me count myself lucky to have made it through twenty-three years unscathed to that degree. And there’s even a part of me that wonders why I haven’t, and worries it means I’m unattractive.

Because I'm grateful to live on a campus where I feel fairly comfortable walking alone at night. And nevertheless I habitually walk fast with my head down.

Because I'm grateful the guy who claimed I lead him on (and that it was therefore my fault he'd propositioned my best friend, whom he knew very well was not single and not looking and had trusted him as a friend) stopped at trying to guilt-trip me.

Because I’m grateful if I can turn down unwanted advances without saying I have a boyfriend (whether or not it happens to be true at the time).

Because a post on this journal about sex-positivity got me an anon comment of "What do you look like?" as if to say only attractive women should be allowed to be sexual or talking about sexuality was an invitation for complete strangers to hit on me, and it barely fazed me. After all, vitriol, rape threats, and death threats are to be expected as the price of admission if you want to express opinions on the internet while female, so I'm just grateful the only trolling I've gotten was as harmless as that.

Because early in high school, walking the hundred yards or so from the bus stop to my mother’s office, a group of guys on the street yelled after me, “You should wear a shorter skirt!”

Because when I ended one relationship, several of my male friends were clearly expecting it was “their turn now”.

Because I’ve joked with friends, in a “ha ha only serious” way, about the possibility of pretending to be dating them, because I feared the consequences of the guys in one of my social groups knowing I had become single.

Because if a girl likes a guy and he doesn’t return the interest, it’s considered her fault. And if a guy likes a girl and she doesn’t return the interest, it’s considered her fault.

Because the concept of the friendzone is a thing. There are people, and a lot of them, who seriously believe that if a guy is friends with a girl and she doesn’t repay the “favor” with sex/dating she’s doing him a great injustice.

Because schools, parents, and assorted other “moral guardians” tell teen and preteen girls not to wear less-covering clothes, no matter how hot it is, because it will be a temptation to boys, but don’t tell boys to take responsibility for controlling themselves or not to look a women as sex objects.

Because women’s bodies are constantly viewed as sexual, whether we want them to be or not.

Because “slut” and “whore” are used to attack women if they exercise their right to say yes, “tease” and “friendzoning” are used to attack women if they exercise their right to say no, and “bitch” is used to attack women if they dare to speak up about it.

Because there are still men who seriously believe women are less than human and don’t deserve rights.

Because no, it’s not all men, it’s not nearly all men. But it’s enough of them that we have to be wary to be safe, and it’s not like they have neon signs over their heads so we can tell which ones they are. And if we don’t live on the defensive and take every precaution we can, we’re told it’s our fault and we shouldn’t have been so careless. And if we trust the wrong men, let them into our lives and get comfortable with them and let down our guards around them and they take advantage, we’re told it’s our fault, we should have known better.

Because society still sends so many messages to women that our primary purposes in life should be looking attractive, getting a man, and having children.

Because if a women doesn’t put a lot of effort into her appearance or smile or appreciate catcalls and sexual advances, she’s stuck up, whiny, a bitch, a failure as a woman who is destined to die alone (which of course is the worst of all fates since a woman’s purpose in life is to find a man and make babies). And if a woman makes an effort to look good (and of course she’s been surrounded all her life by messages that her worth as a woman is directly correlated to her appearance, and even if she doesn't want to it's impossible not internalize that at least a little) and seeks or welcomes male attention, she’s shallow and a slut and is “asking for it”.

Because women are socialized to be deferential, to avoid saying "no" outright - then told it wasn’t really rape because they didn’t say “no” clearly enough.

Because reporting a rape often has worse consequences for the victim than for the rapist.

Because making rape jokes is more socially acceptable than talking about having been raped.

Because this and this have happened.

Because I’m talking about this, and lots of my friends are talking about it, and so many people – both women and male allies – all across the country are talking about it right now, and that’s amazing and so important. But at the same time, so many of us can’t even hope, are resigned to the likelihood that in days or weeks this will fade from media attention and public interest, and nothing will change.
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Jumping up and down in front of a mirror squealing, "Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!" probably isn't the most mature reaction. But I can't help it, y hair hair is just so bouncy! And pretty!

My River Song cosplay at BayCon this weekend is going to be so awesome!

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“What students need isn’t a lecture on abstinence. They need a community that sees sex as about mutual pleasure and intimacy, not point scoring or getting something, and that doesn’t shame or problematize female sexuality. Heterosexual women need male partners who are respectful, generous in bed and emotionally competent, and who treat women like people regardless of whether those women are girlfriends, one-night stands or friends with benefits. Sex, be it in a committed relationship or a more casual arrangement, doesn’t have to be the fraught power play or unpleasant interaction merely tolerated by young women. Sex is sex. Human beings throughout all of history have enjoyed it for very good reason. Consensual, mutually pleasurable sex is, for many people, at the top of their “favorite things” list.”
In defence of hooking up – in university and beyond | Jill Filipovic

I ... I can't even, this is just too perfect. This basically sums up why sex-positivity is My Cause. This is why I'm a counselor at the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center, why I volunteer for Planned Parenthood, why I identify as a sex-positive feminist, why I want to work in the field of women's reproductive health.

(Oh, by the way, I went back to Alaska for Spring Break last week, and while I was there had a talk with a family friend about possible career options. She recommended getting a Master's in Nursing and becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Yay hopefully one step closer to figuring out what I'm going to do with my life.)

Because double standards and slut-shaming are gross. Because the virgin/whore dichotomy screws women over no matter which side of it they fall on. Because our cultural obsession with female virginity leads to a whole lot of confusion, self-reproach, and generally unhealthy thinking (not to mention unhealthy actions). Because there is nothing inherently shameful or impure about sex.

Because, quite simply, sex is awesome. Happy, healthy, responsible sex is one of the great pleasures of life, and everyone deserves the opportunity to experience it. And everyone deserves to be able to explore their sexuality and discover how that can be achieved for them. So societal attitudes that result in emotionally fraught, unhealthy, and/or irresponsible approaches to sex need to get the hell out of the way.

(Relationship developments from Spring Break are going to need a post of their own, but I'm just going to drop this here: Got laid last week! Fuck yeah!)
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The best gifts are not things. More valuable than any item I could have received are that after weeks of -40 it is actually above 0F outside, and the head cold that's been plaguing me all week is gone. Also, Byron's present to me: two private lessons in blues dance for the pair of us. He got me dance for Christmas, you guys!

I'm very pleased by the physical presents too, though actually less out of materialist greed than that they're things I need and now I don't have to spend my money on (several pieces of equipment for my kitchen, a highly comprehensive cookbook, and a new suitcase) or money toward other necessities (gift cards to Trader Joe's and Bed Bath and Beyond, and a $50 check). Also some candy and three books by my favorite poet, Mary Oliver, I suppose those aren't quite the same level of practicality, but still. This starving college student won't have to starve for a while.

And the generosity of Yuletiders never ceases to amaze me. I got three stories this year, and that even despite my letter not being up until late.

My gifts were all very quiet and lovely, one Dragonriders of Pern fic and two Fairy Tales.

Cannon Fodder
Manora visits Mirrim just after her Impression. A great snapshot of two very capable ladies. Oh my heart, I have all the feels for Mirrim.

What the Water Gave Me
A sweet little story of the meeting of a water sprite and a prince. A nice introduction to a fairy tale I'm not familiar with. 

Very clever retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Rather steampunk, wonderfully practical, level-headed characters, and a tale of friendship rather than romance.

Yay, my Christmas Path icon is extremely relevant today. :D
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So, you're writing me a Yuletide fic. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and, may I add, SQUEEEE! I love my obscure fandoms, and just the fact that you're writing in them for me is enough to make me very happy; optional details are very much optional.

General InfoCollapse )

Fandom specific details:

(I wrote more for some of these than others, but that's just because I had an easier time coming up with ideas for some; I would be equally happy with a fic from any of these fandoms. And I'm just tossing out ideas here; feel free to disregard them all if you like.)

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffreyCollapse )
Lions of Al-Rassan - Guy Gavriel KayCollapse )
Fairy Tales & Related FandomsCollapse )

Resources if you still want to know more after the length of this letter:

If you want to stalk me, I have various ramblings on fandom in this livejournal, mixed in with ramblings about my life. Fandom-specific musings can be found under the "Pern" and "Al-Rassan" tags.
My writing can be found on my fic journal calen_fic as well as on AO3.
A full list of my narrative kinks is here.
I have an in-depth post on why I love Dragonflight (that being my favorite of the Pern books).
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